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  title of the page about the Portuguese dog Serra Aires  

Breeder: Gardiens de la Houlette
Some people believe the Serra d'Aires to have descended from Briards, a French dog breed, after being bred with Portuguese local mountain dogs. And there are still other people who believe that the Serra d'Aires is simply a Portuguese Water Dog that adopted sheepdog behaviour. Whatever the case is, the Serra d'Aires is a most loving dog.

Serra d'Aires are a medium-sized dog breed. They are very intelligent and cheerful dogs, but they can also be a little stubborn. Once trained, they are passionate and reliable.

Serra d'Aires dogs learn fast and can adapt to living in a urban environment if they get sufficient regular outdoors exercise. They socialize easily and form strong bonds with their master or family, whom they like to "herd" as a natural behaviour of a pure breed herding dog.

The all-weather coat of the Serra de Aires is slightly long, but not very smooth. Brushing them once a week is enough, because excessive brushing may affect its texture and natural look. For further advice on how to care and educate your puppy follow Barry's tips.

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