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  title of the page on the Portuguese Serra Estrela dog  
Portuguese Serra Estrela dog picture
It is believed that this dog breed came to the Estrela mountain, the highest mountain range in Portugal, by the hands of the Barbarian people who invaded the Iberian Peninsula in the fifth century. And so, this dog breed, which is one the oldest in Portugal, took the name from the mountain.

Serra da Estrela helped herd and guard for centuries sheep flocks in the mountain. They fought against wolves, foxes and other predators that regarded sheep and goats - and sometimes also the shepherd - as possible prey. They protected them also from being attacked by thieves and other similar criminals in those isolated regions.

Serra da Estrela dog was more than once endangered of extinction, but there is now an increasing interest for this wonderful dog breed in Portugal, as well as abroad. This pure breed dog is very faithful to his master and family, and a remarkable protector of children. Behind his impressively large and strong aspect, hides a quiet, alert, protective and affectionate dog, nevertheless suspicious of any strangers. The Serra da Estrela makes a good guard dog, being as well a friendly and devoted companion.

Serra da Estrela dog is known to be very intelligent, though sometimes a little stubborn, as it was the case of my dear Bobbyuka. He usually lives 12/14 years and comes in two hair coats: short and long, and colours include shades of fawn, wolf gray, yellow, with white markings or shades of black, and mask.

Though they are easily satisfied and do not demand lots of care, outdoor activity is a necessity, and living in an apartment is not very much advisable, but may work. My dear Bobbuyka shared our big apartment for five years, and when we moved to a house with garden, she would be reluctant to being there alone and preferred the indoors with us!

Serra da Estrela dog does not require more than one brushing a week. And don't bathe your dog unless he is very, very dirty! They have a kind of hair fat that protects them from weather, and bathing them would harm this hair coat characteristic. Should you like to learn a bit more about your dog's education and health care, then read Barry's tips.

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