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  title of the text on birds  
  My mate Piew-Piew is a greenfinch, and like any finch he is a songbird. Birds in general are fit for flight and love singing. Piew-Piew is no exception, so I asked him a few questions about finches and birds in general. Let me share with you what I learned from him, but before reading further down, watch this presentation; it has amazingly beautiful birds.

Amazing Birds (3)

More presentations from Nubia and Dulce Rodrigues

Birds have their forelimbs modified into wings and their body is covered with feathers that keep them warm and at a constant body temperature. This way, birds to not suffer from cold weather in winter or from heat in summer. Their feet have three primary toes and one accessory toe.

Birds usually feed on seeds, berries and veggies, but some birds may also feed on insects or even small worms. Birds feed through their beaks, which are well adapted to their food habits.

All birds lay eggs to incubate their young. Though depending on their species, the newly hatched chicks (nestlings) are usually born small, blind and naked. They therefore need to be brooded (incubated) in the nest, fed and protected by their parents.

Like mammals, birds are warm-blooded vertebrates with a four-chambered heart allowing a complete separation of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. Birds form a class (Aves) subdivided in about 30 orders; almost half the species of birds in the world are songbirds.

you’ll find here specific information on the most well-known European songbirds; for the moment, you can only read about the greenfinch like Piew-Piew.

greenfinch common canary blue tit blackbirds
sparrow nachtingale chaffinch swallow


Did you know that...

the ancestor of all birds may have been a dinosaur?
Well, there is common consensus among scientists that this could be a true theory.

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